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Sossusvlei Excursion with exclusive “Out of Africa” Dune Picnic Lunch

The Experience

Living and working in this beautiful environment we experienced that the information  which the traveller received before departing from his home, about the Sossusvlei Area, are mostly poor and limited.

Therefore we decided to share our enthusiasm and knowledge about the magical Namib Desert with our guests, encouraging them to join us for an individual and unforgettable experience to discover the secrets of the desert.

Our aim is to deliver a unique “off beaten tracks” experience in nature and we focus on places which are rarely mentioned in guide books – especially today facing an overwhelming increase of tourist in SSV area.

Start from the Lodge after breakfast, before sunrise with our professional guide in our 4X4 Safari Vehicle

  • Arriving at Sesriem Gate at sunrise
  • While entering park lecturing about history of National Park
  • Lecturing about Petrified Dunes
  • Off beaten tracks lecturing on Lizards, Beetles, Scorpions, Spiders and Snakes. Here we rely on good weather conditions to assure track visibility.
  • Off beaten tracks lecturing about birdlife especially the Dune Lark which is endemic to the Namib Desert
  • Photography stops at big Dunes 
  • Entering the ancient Tsauchab River bed engaging 4x4 as here needed due to deep sand areas. While cruising lecturing on Flora (Trees and various Plants) and Fauna (Springbok, Oryx, Ostrich, Birds etc)
  • Hiking to Dead Vlei and later Sossusvlei using “secret routes” to minimize seeing too many other visitors. Lecturing about the area, their geological and historical background. Time for Photography.
  • In correspondence/agreement with the Guide Coffee and Tea Break in Sossusvlei area with seasonal Fruits and homemade Cookies.
  • Before midday drive back to “Elim Dune” for a generous “Out of Africa” picnic lunch under one of the majestic Camel Thorn Trees (We provide an elegant set up with table, chairs, table cloth, cutlery, wine cooler, glasses, hand wash basin, freshly prepared cold food and various beverages like wine, beer, soft drinks and water)
  • Visit of Sesriem Canyon (in agreement with Guide before or after lunch) with hike down the Canyon and Lecturing about History and Geology.
  • At about 15:30 – 16:00 back in the Lodge (no restriction in time as excursion is rather a whole day excursion)

We include in the price of our Sossusvlei Excursions Entrance Fees, Food, Snacks, Water, Cool Drinks, Juices, Lunch Wine and Beer.

The guides are carrying water and snacks while climbing the dunes with our guests.

Sun Downer  Experience

The Experience

Our Lodge is surrounded by magnificent landscapes with a breath-taking view heading west over the red sand dunes. That fact allows us to experience fantastic sun sets nearly every day of the year.

We offer our guests with pleasure a sun set drive taking them out to a special place on one of our hills to give them the opportunity to witness this breath-taking spectacle.

Here we love to give our guests an intimate experience allowing them privacy in leaving them alone on a romantic spot without any danger.

The setup is very sophisticated and includes table, table cloth, chairs, fine decoration and a chandelier to give our guests a warm light after sun set. We offer freshly prepared snacks and traditional sun downer drinks. For our Honeymoon guests we offer with compliments a bottle of fine South African sparkling wine.

Approx. 45min after sun set we pick our guests up and bring them back to the lodge. We experienced in the past how much our guest appreciate this treatment for body and soul. 

We include in the price of our Sun Downer traditional sun downer drinks like Gin Tonic or Campari Orange, Beer, House Wines, Juices, Cool Drinks and Water.

Dear Guests

Above activity introductions may change due to weather conditions, the individual request of participants or amount of other visitors to assure a more private experience.

The introduction serves ONLY to give you an overview of possible events.  These might change due to weather conditions, the season of the year and visibility.

We encourage you to communicate with your Tour Guide and to address your individual interest.